SINCRO CAMP completes our campus offer

Synchronized swimming is incorporated into our summer campuses with the SINCRO CAMP. From July 22nd to 28th, El Collell (one-hour and half distance from Barcelona) will host the first edition of this synchronized swimming campus that aims to make swimmers perfect their technique while enjoying an unforgettable week. Participants will do morning and afternoon training, but also enjoy a dozen activities of leisure and adventure, such as laser tag, horse riding, zip-line forests, mountain biking, foam parties and disco. All the swimmers will coexist with the boys and girls of the WP CAMP water polo campuses, which will be held that same week in El Collell. In fact, all leisure activities and coexistence in the residence will be shared between the participants of the two summer camps. Spanish will be the main language during the camp.

SINCRO CAMP synchronized swimming campus will have trainers from the most powerful club in Spain, CN Kallípolis. The technical coordination of the campus will be conducted by Bet Fernández, former technical director of the Catalan Federation of Swimming and second coach with Anna Tarrés in the golden age of the Spanish synchronized swimming. Currently, Bet is the technical coordinator of CN Kallípolis and collaborates with synchronized swimming selections from around the world.

In the training sessions of the synchronized swimming campus SINCRO CAMP we will have the latest technology thanks to the water camera Watlicam. The coaches will be able to correct the swimmers in real time, because this camera allows to see inside and outside of the water at the same time. A technological advance that will allow participants to correct their technique and learn much more quickly.

The attending swimmers will receive a complete set of our technical sponsor Turbo, consisting of an exclusive swimsuit, swimming cap, backpack and T-shirt. The synchronized swimming campus has two regime options: external (from 9am to 7pm) and internal (full board). Admission will take place on Saturday, July 22nd in the afternoon and departure on Friday 28th after lunch. SINCRO CAMP offers the possibility of a bus service from the Sants train station in Barcelona to El Collell, an option that can be booked on the booking form. For transfers from the Barcelona International Airport, you can contact us through the telephone +34 or the email