Watlicam arrives to our sports campuses in Banyoles

Banyoles’ swimming, synchronized swimming and water polo campuses will feature the revolutionary Watlicam water camera. Thanks to the collaboration agreement between our campuses and the technological company, all participants of our sports campuses SWIM CAMP, SINCRO CAMP, WP CAMP KIDS and WP CAMP XTRM will be able to learn thanks to this latest generation tool, only available to some international federations. Created two years ago, this new camera is beginning to reach places all over the planet.

The Watlicam allows you to see in and out the line of the water at the same time, so athletes can see their work and make corrections in real time. The camera stands on the edge of the pool and transmits the images via wifi to devices that are using our technical team. By being able to record the exercises in real time, the coaches of our campuses have the ability to verify the work that is done by the athletes.

During last summer, the WP CAMP XTRM waterpolo campus was already able to use this new technology and the balance made by the technical team was exceptional. The speed in the learning of athletes is triggered thanks to the immediacy of the whole process, reducing the times of assimilation of knowledge by the players. This is a unique opportunity that will allow both swimmers and water polo players to see and improve some technical aspects of their daily work.

All participants in our Banyoles sports campuses, which will be held from 15 to 28 July, will have the opportunity to use the Watlicam and receive the corrections from the technical team. In addition, once the campuses are finished, we will send one of the exercises to all the athletes so they can save and review their work during the training week in our summer camps.

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